REQUEST: For everything that is Toggle:able in Key Commands, make a "On/Off" shortcut

For us who want to depend on efficient workflow and thus creating a lot of macros + logical presets, it’s somewhat annoying with a lot of functions that only has a “toggle”, when “on” or “off” would give us the ability to create better macros.

Add “On” and “Off” commands for the toggle:able commands. Or if someone has a tip of how to bypass this, feel free to comment.


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Have wanted this for years…

Only doable for some commands that toggle.
But for example my command to select the regular cursor ( avoiding time stretch for example) is to create a macro that always selects first the mute tool and then tool nr1. Thus using this assigned key I can never accidentally switch tool as it never triggers the same button twice in a row.

This does not work for all toggle commands but some.

I also would want to change all on/off functions so they feedback status. It’s really bad design to not be able to tell while looking at a button wether it’s on or off.
This is especially important for Nuage users or users using a midi controller with on off buttons to indicate status. Way to many commands do not do this.

Example for all preference on/off switches.

And I would also like to change/remove three state buttons like automation preview/loop that has on/off/loop making knowing what the status is on a external controllern impossible .

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Yes, there are “hacks” around it in some cases. What I’m refering to is those cases where there is no way to hack it. One such thing would be “toggle triplets” in the Key Editor. I’d like to have a macro that instantly sets the grid to 8:th triplets. Set it to 8:ths works, but since the triplets is only toggle:able, it’s not possible to create a macro for it.