Request for Feature Request System

Given that, as Daniel has stated, a green field project cannot become 30-years matured in 4-years, a lot of feature work is needed. Could Steinberg set up a feature request voting system (or does one already exist) where we can suggest desired features and users can vote for the features they want? I’ve seen this for example with spotify Idea Submissions - The Spotify Community and dropbox Login - Dropbox

Granted those companies have a lot more resources and, based on the Dorico purchasing experience, web development is not Steinberg’s forte, but still… a controlled feature request voting system might speed the day that Dorico “catches up” with the “mature” systems.

Please, no!!!

When Daniel was doing his previous job, there was no voting system, and no publicly accessible “request list”. But somehow, the “important stuff” found its way to the top of the heap and into the next release of the software.

The same company now has a nice web-based request system for users to enter and vote on their favorite enhancements - and what comes out of that process is a tiny trickle, mostly of trivia that is easy to implement.

The numbers (taken from the site itself) speak for themselves:
Total number of “ideas” submitted, over almost four years - 768.
Number of ideas actually implemented in the software - 32.
Number of ideas currently being worked on - 4.

All of the “top 20 ideas” (with more than 100 votes each) were submitted back in January 2013 when the system started - and only 4 out of those 20 have been implemented, nearly 4 years later.

Judging by the fact that several of the most recent ideas only have one vote (presumably, made by the person who submitted the idea) the whole concept is now dead in the water.

I feel like we can do a decent job of figuring out what features need to be added without the use of a voting system, so I suggest you give us a chance to do this our way first.

Clear as day! What about a bug reporting sub forum to separate help from bug reports? Cubase has that and it seems to work reasonably well…

For now, I would rather keep everything here, since it’s not clear at the moment what is a bug and what’s just a missing feature. I already have too many avenues for people contact us to keep track of, not to mention the other avenues that I don’t interact with directly (e.g. our tech support team), and I think that splitting things up at this stage would do more harm than good.