Request for Final Mix Help - Presence Boost

First, let me 'splain my project.

It’s a 5-6 min. artsy video that I created with Sony Vegas Pro 10 with some visual special effects done with Particleillusion 3. You can see one of my older and shorter videos of this genre at the homepage of my website included below. Scroll down and look for the “Yoni Metta”, that’s the video player. Sound mix in it kind of sucks and it’s an incomplete, draft composition but worked OK for that video.

As with that one, this new video is not for sale or for commercial gain and for now will be only for online viewing. I’m just a very serious semi-pro/amateur.

While I could do the final video+music+sound effects mix in Cubase, it’s in part easier for me to do in Vegas for I keep noodling with the video part.

Music style: Think kind of ambient film-ish, Pink Floyd-ish, Vangelis-ish or something like that. Part of the “Pink-Floyd-ish” is that I add some backstory sound effects for context. I play all instruments except drums/percussion on an old Korg Trinity.

I haven’t composed/created any new music in a long time due to life priorities so I’m essentially recycling some of my older stuff with some arrangement tweaks. This means that the original mixes are probably not up to the standards of many of you, but it’s still not a flatline tin-can mix. I’m just wanting to give it as much presence as I can.

The final mix-down for my final render in Vegas will be 1 stereo music track + 1 sound effects track.
What I need most help on is the music track.

So what I’d like is…

— To find someone here who could pop the music .WAV into their Cubase 6 into a new/virgin .cpr file and using only native plugins/etc., see what magic they could do to it – then send me the .cpr file so I could also learn from said sonic magician :slight_smile: When ready to do so, I’ll upload the .WAV to my site on a temporary page for pickup.

I don’t want to post such a piece on the forum, we’ll have to do this PM and/or by email (I’m an ethical guy and wish to be treated likewise, so this off-board modality is naturally in part to protect my work).

Thank you.

Philip Steven Knight

So you really need someone to master your already mixed stereo track? With a presence boost? Or just the magic? I can do the magic from here; actually, just did. Check it out! :wink:

OK, funny. But this is a serious request. The use of the word “magic” was a form of deference to others whose skills are better than mine.

Apart from the magic part, it was a serious response. You write a great deal, but you’re very unclear about what it is exactly, that you want people to do with your music track - of which we don’t know about if it’s really multiple tracks for mixing or mastering a stereo track. Basically you’re only saying you want magic, and ‘presence boost’ in the title suggests eh, what exactly?

Fair enough. As to what we’re dealing with here (single or multiple tracks) I did write…

“The final mix-down for my final render in Vegas will be 1 stereo music track + 1 sound effects track. What I need most help on is the music track.” + “I’ll upload the .WAV to my site on a temporary page for pickup.”

Meaning one single stereo .WAV file = 1 track.

In terms of terminology to describe what I’d welcome, I don’t have the correct lingo down since I’m not a working pro, but “presence” to me means what it points to – adding or boosting presence = giving the whole mix more sonic punch as is realistically possible: from lows to highs as is deemed reasonable and workable. I’ve tried compression but there is always loss of something somewhere so I rarely do it.

To use an example with my digital imaging and video skills, I can do some fairly impressive “magic” to crappy images or footage that upgrades them to a whole new level. My arrangement and mixing skills are not non-existent, they’re just not as developed as those of others.

Udderwise put, sometimes it’s good to get an objective, more experienced perspective. Maybe there’s not much more to be “presenced” – but if there is some room for improvement, I’d like to learn from someone else’s higher skills-set.


Try the demo of the Steinberg-Yamaha Vintage Open Deck.
It’s perfect for your request. Eventually put a Multiband-comp
and a Maximizer or other dynamic decreasing FX in the chain.

I’d really like to pump it up for you to give you an impression.
But I don’t have any time right now.

So get the demo and try it yourself.


Thanks for the demo idea but I like to have stuff I will actually use (why I stated “using only native plugins”): I can’t afford this plugin, so no point teasing myself with something I can’t keep :slight_smile:

Ok. Then u still have different comps, a maximizer and a limiter.
The plugin is affordable as its only 149,-€. It’s worth the money. I’d say give it a try.

Otherwise use the Cubase FX.

Rather than using compression it may be more useful to put a graphic equaliser on the mix and boost or cut whatever is needed to get a more “open”, ambient effect. Try both the ten and the thirty band to see what level of detail you need.
Chances are you won’t need very much movement to see an improvement.
If you use compression it’s best if you can get away with squashing as little as possible. Just a whisper. Maybe automated to areas of the track rather than the whole track.

Right. EQing is also an important step.
That’s why I recommended the Vintage Open Deck
where you also have the option to boost and cut the
low and high frequencies. Plus you won’t get near to the ffloyd-
sound without a tape simulation.

Thanks for additional replies. Due to finances, I’ll have to stick to master EQ (with suggested track automation variations) - probably the 30-band with my ears very perked at the slightest slider slide - lol.

is it done allready? where is the audio? :slight_smile:

Not done yet. I’m still obsessing over the last-tweaks video editing stuff, so haven’t done the audio final yet.
And got some backround sound fx noodling to do too.

ok, I checked your website and the YONI METTA - Music-Video,
it´s nice, I like it :slight_smile:

tell me if you are done with the audio file, I would like to boost the presence for you :slight_smile:

Pi x Om -

Thanks for offer, I’ll see how satisfied I am with my own mix. I may also use the freeware version of AudioStage by Longcat** (**referred to me in an another thread I had a little while back -; I don’t have the bucks for the H3D plugin mentioned in the thread, but for now the kinda-sorta similar 3D sound freebie AudioStage Lite will do.

And I should probably re-master the music on the Yoni Metta vid – but it’s an old one and gotta concentrate on my new and longer video.

Does AudioStage work with Cubase or just Nuendo as the website states?

Cubase too. I have the freeware plugin version installed in mine and it shows up. It’s got limitations which I haven’t tested out since I’m working on other stuff right now. But worth checking out anyway.

Is it worth installing the freeware version or is it crippled beyond worth? There’s no way I can afford the paid version of even the lowest tier so am I just setting myself up for disappointment?

You decide for yourself if the freeware version is worth it.
Here is the comparison chart and you can download it from there.

Here’s the Lite version video promo video:

Here’s a tutorial (not in Cubase but doesn’t matter) though the video’s audio track is very sparse of vocals in French