Request for Jazz Instruments

Hi Matthias,
I play mostly jazz and blues guitar. I use GA4 w jazz essentials. Also I use Halion upright bass. I find the Halion Bass sounds a little limiting. Not as good as Spectrasonic and others. Does Steinberg have any plans of enhancing the Halion Family of Sounds to include more traditional jazz sounds, in the near future? If not, do you recommend any that support VST and are more easily integrated with Cubase 8.5?

Scott Jordan

As Scojo said above with the addition of GA4 jazz brush kit please.

I’m going to third this request. Same boat as the two posters above me. More jazz, please!

+1 for more jazz, especially brushes for GA, it’s not just used in jazz and I think it’s essential in any serious drum instrument.

+1 On more Jazz sounds across the board…

What we get in H5 is really good, and can be stretched quite a bit with the gobs of effect processors H5 offers.

Agreed about the need for brushes in both H5/Sonic and Groove Agent…as well as some soft mallet overheads (In the least some gentle ride cymbal rolls using brushes and/or soft mallets).