Request for more advanced videos in the Sample Editor window

I am like most working engineers, where I often find myself working to meet competing deadlines, and don’t spend the time I would like in discovering the software. It would be great if there were some videos on YT, detailing the Sample Editor and how it can be “really” used.

For Example:

  1. When doing pitch correction on vocals, often the analyzer will treat two separate notes as one. Does anyone have any tips on recognizing the proper edit points to separate the notes? Even better, is there a setting where I can adjust the sensitivity of note recognition?

  2. Is there a way for me to select a key of a song, and have the Pitch Correction only allow for those notes to be adjusted? (Very much like AutoTune).

  3. Is there a way for the Sample Editor to automatically perform the pitch analyzer function when ever I open the Sample Editor? This would cut down time.

    There are so many more curiousities, that normally, would have been answer by a printed manual. The PDF manual is great and all, but I still wish there was a way to buy a paperback. Hopefully, Steinberg comes out with a master class series where they go in to detail on how the sample editor could be utilized outside of the basics.