Request for more layout name formatting

I’d like to request a different naming format for transposing layouts. Currently the staff label is “Clarinet in Bb,” which is what I want. But the layout name is “Clarinet (B flat),” which I don’t prefer. Also, I’d prefer “Horn in F” instead of “Horn (F).”

I’ve taken to manually changing all layout names, including adding the flat glyph, but I’m wondering if there are plans to allow more options for automatically populating layout names to mirror staff labels.



Or a simple way to add own (edited) instruments to the default list.

This is how every (international) user is dealing with the program for Layout titles with transposing instruments: manually :wink:
Hopefully, once the localization of that area is done, your option should not be too difficult to add… (although I know I don’t know how hard it is to add something in software!)

We don’t plan to make it possible for layout names to match staff labels, but we do plan to introduce a token for the staff label that you can use at the top left-hand corner of the first page of a part layout, which would include the appropriate flat symbol as needed. We also plan to introduce tokens for flat, natural, sharp, or indeed any character from Bravura (well, more specifically, Bravura Text) to make it possible to write (for example) “Symphony in B♭” as the flow or project title by typing “Symphony in B{@flat@}”, which will then use the appropriate symbol from Bravura Text when the token is resolved.

Thanks, Daniel. I wouldn’t go so far as to ask for this to be opened up to ANY text font, but I wonder if it might be possible to provide options for Petaluma Text (or whatever it’s called)? It strikes me that for the people that insist on using jazz fonts, it might look rather odd to have Bravura flats showing at the top of a “handwritten”-style page.

It will use whatever font is defined for the ‘Music text’ character style in Engrave > Character Styles, of course.

Perfect. Thanks for that clarification.

This is a fantastic solution!

Thank you, as always, Daniel and DORICO team!