Request for new token

A token for total duration that would include all flow durations plus intra-flow timeski, to be used in front matter.

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Presumably, you’d want the duration of all Flows in the current Layout, to avoid a case where other Flows not in the Layout would be counted?

Fair point but I just need the duration of the full score to put on the cover page so when I make changes I don’t have to re-calculate the sum of flows.

A “shortcut” I use, meanwhile, is to select the last note, press play, and look at the duration stated by the player; it’s easier than summing every flow duration.

But that only gives the duration of the current flow which is already available in a token

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Are you sure, dandaiuto? When I click on a note in any flow in a multiflow piece, the time indicated is the sum to that point.
So as JosueViera suggests, this is a quick shortcut.
Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 20.32.56

Am I overlooking an option or setting? Mine definitely resets on the first note of the next flow.

Click on the timecode itself - it scrolls round flow elapsed duration, project elapsed duration and bars/beats.

Thank you Pianoleo. So simple. I would still like to have a token for total elapsed time though.