Request for splitting of names for e.g. MediaBay, MixConsole etc

Hi - I would like to request that someone bites the bullet and gets rid of all the joined-together nouns in Cubase - I’m talking about monstrosities like MediaBay, MixConsole etc although there are clearly dozens more.

I vaguely remember this sort of thing being fashionable in tech companies in the early 1990s but it seemed faddish even then and it never really gained currency outside of technical IT products.

In any case, its sell-by date came and went decades ago and yet here were are in 2023 still faced with this stuff all over Cubase. It’s noticeable that Steinberg products such as Dorico that have been developed in more recent years have gone out of their way to avoid anything like this - everything in Dorico is separated into distinct words and no pointless capitalisation introduced either.

I appreciate that this is a purely cosmetic change that would require significant development and testing to implement both in the app and in the documentation. Nonetheless, in my view the effort would be well worthwhile to avoid the screaming cringe that awaits us on almost every screen of Cubase.

It’s going to have to happen sometime. Why not now?