request for unmeasured tremolo


The way tremolos behave in Dorico is, as I have come to expect, very intelligent in that the tremolo ‘knows’ the rhythmic value of the notes it is attached to and automatically varies the number of strokes accordingly.
But there is another kind of tremolo, usually denoted by a tremolo symbol of no less than three strokes, which may mean anything on the scale between ‘repeat as fast as possible’ and ‘repeat fast and irregular’. Another common use for this type of tremolo is to indicate flutter tongue on wind instruments. The number of strokes for this tremolo is constant, regardless of the rhythmic values of the notes it is attached to - always three strokes (at least).
Is there some hidden option for this in the current version of Dorico, or is it planned for the near future?

I don’t think there is anything hidden in this version, and I don’t know whether that’s planned in future but this discussion might be interesting for you: Some thoughts about the notations toolbox - Dorico - Steinberg Forums . Perhaps they are going to change something based on this user input?

Same question here. Anything new about that feature since March 18 ? :slight_smile:

Unless I’m missing something, the playback option for the number of tremolo strokes at/above which to switch to an “unmeasured tremolo” is what you’re looking for? (Pro-only)

@Lillie_Harris I don’t know exactly if the playback was meant but the appearance in the score. I would be interested in the appearance of tremolos in the score so I hope it’s ok that I go again into this topic.

As written in the original post Dorico is very intelligent in writing the correct number of strokes in the tremolo when notes are tied. For example when I tie a quarter note to an eighth note and enter a 3 in the repeats popover I get three strokes on the quarter note and two strokes on the eighth note. I want this if I need a measured tremolo. If I want an unmeasured tremolo - three strokes on every selected note (quarter note and eighth note in my example) - I have to go to engrave mode and change the property “single stem tremolo” to three strokes for the eighth note of my example.

At the moment I don’t see another possibility to change this. There is no property for this in write mode so I always have to switch to engrave mode which is a bit time-consuming especially if I’m working in galley view and Dorico switches to page view every time I want to change this property for the tremolo.

Do I miss something? Is there a way to do this faster? If not it would be great to have something for this in future updates.

Aha yes, I see now - as far as I’m aware there’s not an option to prevent Dorico adjusting the number of tremolo strokes according to note durations automatically.

In my opinion, there should be such an option. As the OP said, unmeasured tremolo always uses the same number of strokes per note regardless of note value. I’ve never seen it used any other way.

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