request for unmeasured tremolo


The way tremolos behave in Dorico is, as I have come to expect, very intelligent in that the tremolo ‘knows’ the rhythmic value of the notes it is attached to and automatically varies the number of strokes accordingly.
But there is another kind of tremolo, usually denoted by a tremolo symbol of no less than three strokes, which may mean anything on the scale between ‘repeat as fast as possible’ and ‘repeat fast and irregular’. Another common use for this type of tremolo is to indicate flutter tongue on wind instruments. The number of strokes for this tremolo is constant, regardless of the rhythmic values of the notes it is attached to - always three strokes (at least).
Is there some hidden option for this in the current version of Dorico, or is it planned for the near future?

I don’t think there is anything hidden in this version, and I don’t know whether that’s planned in future but this discussion might be interesting for you: . Perhaps they are going to change something based on this user input?