Request: function to split tuplets

Hi there! I’d like to do a suggestion for a feature. There’s a bit of music in which I’ve extensively used 6 against 4 tuplets. In the end I decided I want these 6 against 4 tuplets to be two 3 against 2 tuplets. I find myself spending a lot of time rewriting all these tuplets.
It would save a lot of time, if I could, not unlike the “Split Beam” function, split these tuplets with a single function. Of course only for tuplets that are divisable, like the 6 against 4 ones.

If it is a chain of uninterrupted tuplets, you can activate Insert mode, filter the entire passage for tuplets, delete these tuplet brackets, invoke the tuplet popover, type 3:2 and enter and then deactivate insert mode again. It’s a bit cumbersome indeed but way faster than manually rewriting everything.

Thanks! This will do in the meantime, at least it saves some time.