Request: global "erase background" for all dynamics

I’d really like the ability in Engraving Options to set the “Erase background” property for all dynamics in the score (not hairpins, I mean, but the ones that can already include that property).

At present I filter-select all dynamics flow-by-flow and toggle the property. A global option would be much preferred. I always want to erase background for dynamics, especially for dynamics suffixes.



In the meantime, quasi lontano would probably fit inside the barline. :grin:

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Definitely! Why right in plain English when you can say something exotic? I’m going to go to channel my inner Percy Dearmer now.

*loudens muchly


This has been requested before and is on our backlog for possible future implementation.


Thanks Daniel, sorry to duplicate the request.

Shouldn’t that read “Percy Grainger”?

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Oops… indeed! I’ll leave the post as it is so no one takes me too seriously…

I was thinking more Percy Weasley. Why write accel when you can write “Gryffindors keep up!”.