Request: Global setting to disable multirests when in galley view

This isn’t exactly a high priority request, but it would be super helpful to have a global setting to disable multirests when working on a part layout in galley view.

In other words, you would like a Layout or Notation setting to keep the multi-measure rests when you return to page view but not have them in Galley View so you can add notes? I like that idea.

Unfortunately that’s a little bit contrary to how things work, because whether or not multi-bar rests are shown is not only a matter of the view. However, ahead of the next update I have added new commands to toggle multi-bar rests on and off, so you will soon be able to assign a shortcut to that command to make it easier to toggle without going into Layout Options every time.

Understandable, that should work just fine though!

I’ve been unable to locate this functionality, did it make the cut?

I located the key command but it won’t toggle.
If I press the command the multi-bar rests will go from unconsolidated to consolidated, but won’t go back. I’ve tried assigning a few different key commands to no avail.

What am i missing?

Assign the shortcut to ‘Toggle Bar Consolidation’ in the Edit category. Don’t forget there are three settings to be cycled through here: no multi-bar rests; multi-bar rests; and multi-bar rests and consolidated one-bar repeats.