Request: GrooveDesigner & LoopMash please

I have a request for two related, creative groove tools:

  1. Groove Designer - ya know, a nice beats orientated groove designer thing similar to what’s in Garage Band or Zenbeats, complete with randomisers, probability options and built-in groove and swing functions. Oh, and with options from 1 to 16 bar lengths. Something similar(ish) to the Zenbeats model would be ideal IMO.

  2. LoopMash - built into Cubasis with the option to import your own loops. With so many wonderful groove orientated apps now (Axon 2 & Ruismaker Noir my faves), it would be awesome to import loops into LoopMash and have them play alongside the new ‘Groove Designer’. Could you imagine the potential?

These two requests would seriously raise the bar for Cubasis as a bonafide, killer beat-maker, IMO.

Congratulations and thank you for such a high quality app, regardless of my request.

Plus: Choke feature