Request: Guide lines or numbers when moving around things in Engrave Mode

Hello community and developers,

would be very nice to have some sort of guide lines or ruler or numbers in engrave mode to precisely align things.
For now eyerything is freeflight…


I agree. In the meantime, it is still fairly simple to make sure many different things are aligned. If anything is added into a box (text, music, image) in engrave mode, you can double check things in the properties panel. Often time for system objects, you can either have Dorico align them automatically or you can again, double check the x/y adjustments to see how far one object has been moved from default and compare the second object to those measurements. This is far from a perfect or desirable solution, but “where there’s a will there’s a way.” Snap-to grids, or at least an x/y crosshair report down at the bottom of the screen would be great. If you are on windows, you can download AutoHotKey and use the X/Y reporting tool (meant for helping you establish macros) and it will report your global coordinates which you could then use when nudging things.