[REQUEST] Hide measures

Hey there!
Will Dorico be able to hide measures as shown in the attached image in a near future? (The image shows that functionality in the Ossia staff, by the way.)


there’s a workaround… create some text and set both foreground and background colour to white, adjusting point size as necessary. The resulting rectangle will cover most things, but not beams…

Ok, thanks, fratveno! That should be fine for now.

But yes this sort of thing is on the list I believe.

Thanks, John! :wink:

I don’t think of this kind of notation as “hiding measures” but rather having a flexible means of producing ossias, which are of course on our backlog of features to add in future.

Would this envisioned feature provide for cutaway scores? (Not that I use cutaways as a matter of course, but I do use the feature in Finale to hide staves to make room for dialogue over a vamp.)

No, I don’t think ossias are a good solution for cutaway scores, but I do of course envisage that we will provide features to produce such scores in due course.

Thanks again, Daniel! :smiley: