Request: hide signpost directly

Daniel, please would you consider the following?

Signposts sometimes get in the way. It’s fine to go through the View menu to hide them but it would be faster to select the signpost and hide it (by that I mean hiding all of its kind). Either a key command or via context-sensitive mouse menu.

Any chance this might go on the voluminous list?

Thank you!

It is a rather voluminous list, so I can’t promise that we’ll be able to do it soon, but it is a good idea.

I would also like the signposts to be in a layer behind other objects and text.

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Yes, having them behind other objects would be very useful. I like having them visible but it can be annoying that they cover up things, especially since they are pretty wide (compared to the symbols that some other programs use in their place).

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… Or perhaps a transparency control.

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…Or just move it out of the way with the mouse…

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Yes! Transparency control for sighnposts

You have a few options - try looking in Preferences > Key Commands for the menu option to hide/show all signposts. There’s also a key command “Hide Invisibles” that temporarily hides all things that don’t print (including signposts and frame edges etc).