request: increase marker visibility

As you can see from the screenshot - markers, at least generic - havn’t tested much with other types, are almost invisible in “light” themes in the main window.

Possible fix?
Skærmbillede 2016-05-20 kl. 09.57.35.png

Well, your picture shows a marker that is pretty visible…

Do you meant that the part of the marker that goes through the waveform is almost invisible? Because I can see the case for that. The head of marker is pretty visible as PG says but not so much the line that travels through the waveform. It also seems like your picture is very “blown up” so maybe on a smaller monitor I could understand that the markers are slightly on the small side.

My main issue with marker visibility is when you have markers with longer names that are somewhat close together, and you zoom out somewhat far, the marker names overlap and makes both overlapping names unreadable.

Would be nice if WL could at least chop off the preceding marker that doesn’t have enough room to show the entire thing. This way, it looks like less of a mess and makes more marker names readable.

An option to display marker numbers in the timeline area would also be nice sometimes.

I have lots of marker ideas.

Yes - the part going through the waveform is very hard to see - the top part is a little better - maybe an option increase the thickness of the line or something like that?

The marker line also looks exactly like the ruler divisions.

either thicker line…or different (contrasting) colour…or flashing line