Request: Individual MIDI file export

Small request here:

Individual MIDI file export.

Currently it seems you can only export MIDI by mixing down an entire project (unless I’m wrong and there is a way to export MIDI files individually as well).

Would be nice to be able to export individual MIDI files that are within a project, by perhaps opening up the media section then choosing mix down, then highlighting the MIDI pattern you want to export, then having an option there “Export MIDI file” which would export just the one individual MIDI file.

Again, if there’s a way to do this already, please post a reply stating how!

If I’ve understood you correctly, you can simply solo the required track and carry out a midi mixdown. Works the same way for audio tracks as well.

Actually I was talking about individual patterns, not tracks.

Oh yes, I’m with you, sorry about that. You probably know but as a workaround you could duplicate your track, split it to isolate the parts you want, delete the parts you don’t want and mixdown the whole track. Hope this helps.