Request: Inverting automation data

New handles for automation tracks are great. You can lower amplitude of data just by dragging handle down. As you lower it, it comes to straight line which is fine. How about adding CTRL or ALT option to be able to drag the curve beyond straight line, into opposite direction (mirror)?
Sometimes I draw automation, say for filter, and then want to use the same curve on resonance, but the mirror of it. It would be handy.

Same result could be elegantly achieved by adding ability to manually setting min/max values for edges of automation. Say automation now goes from 0 at bottom to 127 at top. It would be handy to just change these limits, to say that automation goes only from 60 at bottom to 100 at top. And then reversing would be easy, you would just type 0 at top level, and 127 at bottom.

I think Ableton Live has this nicely done in regards to MIDI maps, you can define range of automation curve by dragging min/max value to anywhere between 0 and 1. This idea could be extended in Cubase to be able to adjust min/max values of automation curves.