Request: Key commands for text styles

Most likely, as with pretty much everything that’s been posted in the forum, you already have this in mind, but something I’m missing in Dorico that was great about Sibelius was that I could customise key commands for various text styles.

For example, boxed, bold text for instrument/patch changes was Shift+Opt+I, and I had bold, Arial text for character entries in vocal parts set to Shift+Opt+U.

I would like to add a request for using standard key commands (cmd+b for bold …) to do formatting in text fields.

Hopefully there is less need to use text items in Dorico in general than in other programs, because most of the things that you enter as text in other programs are entered as semantic objects of various kinds in Dorico. But I agree it would be useful to be able to choose the paragraph style directly instead of having to do it as a second step, so we’ll hopefully be able to add this at some point in the future.

Regarding Ctrl+B for bold, this is also in our plans.