Request: Keyboard Shortcut for "Enable/Disable Inserts" / "Toggle Inserts On/Off on selected track"

Would work like this:

  1. Select track/channel strip in MixConsole or Project Window.
  2. Press keyboard shortcut. It should disable the plugins, not bypass them, so the same function as Opt + Clicking the insert.

This would be extremely helpful in template building, as it would allow for quickly disabling group tracks, FX and other buses that is not needed in the current project.

As long as you are fine with disabling those tracks themselves (not just the inserts), then there is a shortcut target available for it. Use it all the time. :slight_smile:

It only works on MIDI, Software Instruments and Audio tracks, not on group or FX tracks.

If a group would be disabled, no audio would pass through it. Which is fine by me, if it worked, but it doesn’t.

That’s true.