Request: Load track presets as batch process

In general, batch processing feels like it needs a feature overhaul. Batch processing only uses offline process history as a means by which to create a batch. It would be wonderful if batch processes could load track presets and simply use them as their batch. This makes sense for a few reasons:

Saving track presets is much simpler than saving batch processes. If you have a slightly complex signal chain that you want to audition before applying, you have to load your signal chain on your track, then save presets for each individual plugin (ugh) and load each individual preset in the offline version of the plugin. This workflow is tedious and results in an array of saved data that’s needed simply to audition and create a batch process.

Using track presets reduces the amount of clutter and file management. Doing this also allows the user to audition the entire effects chain on the track prior to creating the batch process. Applying the process is also greatly simplified.

I hope that makes sense and is something that’s doable. I’d love to see this in future updates!