Request- looping support


I think audio and midi looping support beyond copy/paste would elevate Cubasis.

For audio perhaps :

1:support for importing existing loops such as the Apple Jam Packs and Acid loops
2: improve the sample editor to create and edit loops, work with advanced loops
cross fading and save each loop with a root note and tempo. Add effects to the loop and bake these in.
3: in a project extend the loops as needed, add pitch changes, lock to tempo if desired.


1: a looping midi editor … add a tempo and key.
2 in project extend loops as needed. Add pitch or key change.
3 in a project add tempo multipliers or dividers per event.

I feel the infrastructure is already there for a lot of this but it would create a massive amount of creative potential and remove many points of friction which bog me down in iOS at the moment.


Guess not…