request - make dorico display smaller

hi there,

is it possible to request to make Dorico even smaller of a screen hog? I’m working on an arrangement and am trying to keep a PDF of the original song in the background – but on a 13.3" Macbook Pro, Dorico seems to take a minimum of 65% screenspace – this leaves me pretty much one line of a PDF. Could I make Dorico even smaller? Shorter? how about remove the sidebars completely?

please see attached.

thank you!

As a nice workaround, I use my iPad as the PDF reader to input in Dorico without the hassle of reducing windows and switching programs :wink:

I used my iPad as well, but I’d rather have the PDF’s on my monitor (not everyone has an iPad). I do think the panels take up a lot of real estate. They’re too fat. The graphics are too large. Finale 25 is very sleek. 98% of my screen in finale is music. Dorico panels have so many items, that I find myself spending a lot of time looking for what I want. I guess I’ll get used to it, but for now I’m not a fan of the fat panels. By the way, is there a short cut to open the left, right and bottom panels?

Actually, I work with the panels closed ! Once you know where the things are, you just keep the display clean.
Here are the shortcuts : cmd/ctrl-6 to 0. 6 is for the top menu, 7 for the left one, 8 for the properties (this one goes a lot on and off), 9 for the right panel, and 0 is to toggle between the panels you have chosen to display and no panel at all.


Thanks! But there’s still no way to get rid of the thinner panels on the sides (the ones with the clef and sharps on the right, the one with the note durations, rests, etc., on the left)… or to get rid of the status bar on the bottom… or the “Full Score” tab on top…

even with all of these things taken away, there is still a minimum size for a Dorico window, and it would be nice to get it down.

I have an iPad and have on occasion loaded a score onto it for arranging purposes, but truth be told it’s actually faster to work from the same screen and just glance up/down. Also better when you’re on the road or don’t have as much table space.