Request: Master page change remembers state

Small request: would it be possible for the “Insert Master Page Change” dialog box to remember the state for “Range”? Maybe also for “Use Master Page.”

I’m constantly having to re-select both, as I frequently insert a title page in parts, which means I’m selecting “Title” master page and “Current page.” If these selections could be retained, I could use the key command for “Insert Master Page Change” to cut my time in half, at least.

AHK macro, Dan? :wink:

TBH I’m less and less dependent on AHK. It’s just too much to keep track of. I use it for things like flat and sharp glyphs, but not as much for keystrokes.

But sure, it would work. I guess I could easily compile it in Stream deck too.

I’ll make a note of this. Can’t promise when it will get done!