REQUEST: Midi remote buttons allows to change octave for note input from old synth


the great C12 controller mapping is one of the great news.
I’ve mapped many parameters for my external Akai controller, sliders and buttons.
Today I’m searching for the ability to map two buttons to allow old midi synth (Yamaha DX7) to play in different transpose octave.
I know, I know, I can change the octave value in Cubase inspector and play in different octave range, but my request is to know if there is a way to map two external controller buttons to change octave, as it is possible on the modern master keyboard.
Any advice? is it possible?
If it isn’t possible, I mean this post as a feature request.

Thanks guys :wink: love Cubase

I don’t have the means to test this myself right now so please bear with me as I’m thinking out loud!

If the parameters of MIDI inserts are available through the MIDI Remote API, this is the route I would take.
If not, I would check if the Bypass of MIDI inserts are available and use 2 instances, one set up to transpose +12 and the other -12. (This is an ugly work-around that would only allow you to transpose one octave down or up.)

thank you for the reply and for trying to find a solution, unfortunately there are no solutions at the moment to a thorough check.
Hope that Steinberg add this feature and other new destinations for remote controller in future releases of Cubase