REQUEST (more a begging letter)

So nice to see Model E and VB-1 revamped and 64bit native now, thank you for this.

But please please please please please could you do the same for Quadrafuzz, i’d give my right arm to see Quadrafuzz brought up to date, and even re-released via Steinberg in VST format so it can be used in other DAW’s, as tbh there is nothing quite like it. It has a unique sound, really agressive distortion which is something I adore about it. I can’t remember the chap’s name who designed or co-designed it, Chris Anderton maybe ? Or was it modelled around a hardware unit he made ? I don’t know it’s full history, all I know is I adore it.

Even just a 64bit port of the Quadrafuzz, or VST3 for sidechaining :wink: It is a classic that I use all the time in modern music.

Anyway, thanks for the other updates though, apparantly the engineers do it in their spare time, so big thanks to them. If all the legacy stuff was updated, how cool would that be ?

I would dearly love the old VST5/Cb3 ModDelay to be updated. I use that for almost everything echoey, there doesn’t seem to be anything that’s as easy to use or that sounds the same. I’ve been struggling with ModMachine but I think this works in a different way, doesn’t do the same thing…


Oh yes!!! PLEASE!!!
I LOVE Quadrafuzz!
One of the best plugins in the VST world.
very (!) good for Sounddesign, or refreshing of thin/lame Bassdrums e.g.

+1 !

Aloha and +1 for QF but…

I wonder if the prob is the same as with Embracer/Tonic/Monlouge?

I seem to remember a mod posting that Steiny no longer has
the legal rights to develop and bring us updated
versions of these great old plugs.

I hope not.
Maybe QF will live again in 64bit land.

I have used QF a lot for some of my wildest sounds, it’s a brilliant and simple plugin (as soon as you’re aware of the insane loudness of the presets). I think it’s a shame that any feature is removed.