Request: more velocity editing options in piano roll

Here the subject says it all too. I often discover after midi step inputting that the velocity of most notes is too low and I would like to raise it for all notes at the same time for clear playback. I assume this is already on your list but here’s my request anyway :slight_smile:.
BTW: Preserve note velocity is tunrned off in midi options. Would this mean velocities are fixed? However this doesn’t happen when midi recording.

BTW: Dorico is the first dedicated notation software (also used Encore, Sibelius and Musescore) that lets me input notes through midi (step time and realtime) without too much hassle. So I’m happy already :smiley:.

We do plan to add more tools for editing note velocities in the future. For the time being you can use the line tool to edit the velocity of a range of notes, though of course it’s not as precise as a means of increasing or decreasing the velocities directly.