REQUEST - Multiple Selections

If you could make multiple time selections and then, for example, do a Level adjustment or a Render In Place, on all selections, that would be really nice. The main benefit of multi-selections, compared to performing actions on single selections, is that you get a better idea of how your changes work if you apply them on multiple places in the audio file, and it’s much easier and quicker to try alternative adjustments if you want.

Since the Shift key is occupied for extending/shrinking selection length, I guess it would have to be a different modifier for this? A better solution would perhaps be to add a new “Multi Selection” switch on the Edit tab in the Time Selection part.

That’s already possible, but through a different way. The procedure it to create multiple regions, with markers. Then, from the render ribbon tab, you select the option “All Regions”.

Making multiple selection would introduce complexities both for the user and the implementation. This is why the above procedure was created.