Request: N to M-type metric modulations

Dear Dorico team

I have noticed that over the years there have been calls to extend the current metric modulation system to include triplets and other tuplet combinations. I’d like to go further and request if there’s a possibility to make the metric modulation system include all variants of tuplet modulation.

Perhaps it could be similar to the way we input tempo markings and tuplets already? Something like, when entering in the tempo box, if one types “Lento mod 3 q = e” the result is the word Lento preceded by the tempo modulation of 1 triplet quater note equalling 1 eight note.

Thoughts? Best wishes as always!

We certainly plan to expand the capabilities relating to metric modulations in future versions because we plan to support polytempo in a future version.


Yes yes yes! Yes for polytempo support!

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