Request: "Neutral" accidentials using Note Input


I’m inputing and editing a modern piano-piece, which is notated without barlines, key signature and a dedicated time signature.

Dorico is doing a quite good job so far but I have a suggestion:

Even if I tell Dorico to show accidentials for every single note (as there is no key signature):

If I create a note using a computer keyboard, Dorico automatically adds an accidental to every note, when there had been an accidential at the preceding occurrence of this pitch.

I would appreciate, if there was an option to tell Dorico, that each note, entered in write mode via a computer keyboard, shoudl be without any accidential by default.

Thank you.

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I’m not sure what you’re really asking for here, Andreas. If you have set the accidental duration options in Notation Options to show accidentals on every note, then of course Dorico will show accidentals on every note when you input them from the keyboard.

My interpretation of the OP is that he doesn’t like the fact that (for example) if there’s been an F# earlier on in the bar, hitting “f” will give an F# rather than an Fnatural.

Andreas, is that what you meant?

Hi pianoleo,

thanks, that’s exactly what I meant.
As for Dorico the whole piece I am working on consists of just one bar (cause there is no time signature and there are no barlines) it is sometimes confusing, when Dorico adds a sharp or flat to a natural note that I input via computer keyboard.

In more common situations, this behavior makes sense, of course.

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