[request new feature] cubase mixdown audio

Cubase 6.4
I know someone in Steinberg hate me, I write this question in many way and many times!
I think - because I use very very much this - is a must, to be take in consideration!!!

Seriously, when you export audios you can save the files in many way, also with the number of mixer channel
not with the name of the loop, the Marker Ciclo - is called in this way in italian version.
Marker, you can assign a simply marker or a marker with in and out, Marker Ciclo, with point in, start, and point out, end.
You can found this with a keyboard shortcut CMD+M (in Windows is CTRL+M).

So, if you do on the same timeline many takes, and “close” any single take in Marker-loops, and call any loop with a singular name, Cubase save only with the name of the project, or give a progressive number to the existing name or in other ways … but if your client, assign to any loop a particular name,
per example “WKL-01-DDP-ITA”, you have to do it manually.
To clear: Project called “Scorpions”, inside the timeline many traks to be made in sinc with tons of short loops (30 sec to 1 minute). Any loop have a name as “WKL-01-DDP-ITA”, “WKL-02-DDP-ITA”, “WKL-58-DDP-ITA” eccetera.
If you want to save the loop with the name “WKL-XX-DDP-ITA” you have to do it manually.

Check the image in attachment, may help.

I do many italian Video Game Localizations and the files are tons, with singular names as the example before. To mix 90 minutes of loops, sometimes also 350 or 400 files, yet mixed, cheched, and with all automations finished, you can loose a lot of time and can do confusion to save all that single files.

The question per the envelopers:
Do you think should be possible to add an automation per make the mix down of all the marker loops (marker ciclo) present on the project, following the name I gave to any marker?
You select “Export Mixdown Audio”, then on the screen you found something like “Export all the audio from the Markers”, then “with name of the markers” or “with the number of the markers”.
If happened some loop have the same name wait a decision of the operator or add a progressive mumber automatically.

I hope someone can do it. I can buy and love.

Uhh, it’s not just people at Steinberg who hate you…

:laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, yes, there should be a way to ‘save markers with file’.


… should… but there is not… :cry: