[request] not allow Dorico to change the manual layout of subsequent pages by deleting a flow

Dear Developers,

A few years ago I arranged 11 pieces for a choir in a Dorico project.
Now I need five of them. So I deleted unnecessary flows and the layout, which I arranged manually for the performers to make it easy to turn the pages, is broken. So I extracted the pages from PDF files.

Could you consider changing the Dorico’s behaviour as follows?

The layout information does not refer to the nth page from the first page in a Dorico project file, but to the nth page from the first page of each flow. So deleting one or more flows will not affect the layouts of subsequent flows.

Thank you for reading!

It’s awkward, but if you use the “move pages” buttons in the Pages panel in Engrave mode, you can move the overrides to the new page indexes.

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Thank you for your kind reply.
The total number of pages of 11 streams in the project is 100 pages. I think it will be very complicated to do this because

  1. the selection of a page in the Pages panel in Engrave mode is not synchronised with the actual page displayed in the Music area.
  2. it is difficult to manually relink the overridden pages after deleting some pages.

Regarding the second reason, I would like to ask you if I have understood you correctly by listing the steps of your suggestion as I understand it:

  1. export the full score and each layout of the parts of the original project with 11 flows (file 1).
  2. close file 1.
  3. Duplicate the project in the Finder and rename it (File 2).
  4. open file 2.
  5. rearrange the flows.
  6. For the full score, move the overrides to new page indexes and compare them with each of the corresponding full score PDF files.
  7. For each part: move the overrides to new page indexes and compare them with each of the corresponding part layout PDF files. I should do this 8 times.
  8. remove unnecessary partitions.

Am I correct?

Yes, that’s the basic approach you would need to take.

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Thank you very much! However, I hope you will consider this feature request, as the steps I should take do not enhance the benefits of multiple flows, but weaken them. In this case, working with multiple 1-flow projects is much better than working with 1 multi-flow project, I think. But who knows how a completed multi-flow project will later be changed in terms of the number of flows and the order of the flows?

System Breaks and Frame Breaks are fixed to the bar, not the page. So you can delete Flows and the Breaks should still be in the right place.

The Layout would only be ‘broken’ if you manually adjusted the size or position of a frame, or did some other manual adjustment to the page, like a Flow Heading change. What changes did you make?

For your existing work, the easiest thing is probably to delete the Page numbers from the PageTemplate, then export the PDF, and re-apply the page numbers onto the PDF in another app.
(I have a Mac Python script that adds page numbers to PDFs, which is very useful.)

I have manually added or changed

  • system break, sometimes rescaling the white space
  • frame break sometimes rescaling the space size
  • vertical spacing
  • horizontal spacing
  • manual visuality (I think not in this project, but in other projects I often use it)
  • Flow headings (not so often)