Request: Note attachment property for playing techniques


I just stumbled upon this problem:

As you can see, the fermata is stacked on top of all these non “need to be placed near note” playing techniques.
My guess is that this is a consequence of Dorico being unable to distinguish between playing techniques that must be near the note and the ones who don’t. My suggestion is therefore that such an option will be added to all playing techniques (and applied to those who need it).
Dorico Request Playing Technique Note Head Attachment Property.png

Is the fermata a real fermata, or is it a playing technique? If you’re using a playing technique that looks like a fermata, you can determine the order of playing techniques relative to each other using the ‘Tucking index’ property that appears in Engrave mode.

Unfortunately, it’s a real fermata found in “Holds and Pauses”. I’m aware of the workaround using a playing technique as a fermata, but I think it would be much more elegant and intuitive if it worked like I proposed. :wink: