Request: Notepad

I think a really useful feature would be a simple text notepad, similar to the one in Cubase. This would be helpful so we can make notes on future changes, make notes for assistants/colleagues, etc.

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For the time being you might find that putting notes into the Other Info field in File > Project Info is a reasonable substitute?

Yeah, I’ve been using that for small notes. It would be great to have more space in a notepad (maybe even with rich text, so checkboxes could be added, lyrics for editing, etc. but obvs that’s another level). Thanks for checking in, great app so far!

Just got Drico today and a notepad was one of the things I’m already missing. I would like to note stuff down as I’m going so I dont forget it. I’ve got enough paper notes lying around me already (those poor trees).
Glue Dorico into Cubase and I’ll be happy.

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Since 2018 the Comments functionality has appeared - might that suit your purposes?

@eepyikes and @jimzepellin hello,
As @pianoleo already mentioned, Comments function could be used as Notepad, and it’s really powerful and well designed. :slight_smile:
Check the entire section about Comments in the Manual here:

At least for me it works perfectly when I need to make short, or long notes. It also provides the opportunity, if you work on shared project, the comments to be answered by the colleagues .

I hope this will fit your needs, too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that suggestion. It’s a decent workaround. Exporting them is pretty handy as it opens them up in a browser window.
Some formatting options would be nice. Colour coding would be another cool option and a detachable panel another.