Request: Nuendo10 Multiple Cycle-Marker Export Annoying Tails


I’ve noticed that when doing multiple cycle marker exports, the tails from previous markers (reverb/delay) get exported in the next one. That’s not really a multiple marker export, is it? Please make it so that each marker gets a fresh bounce. Nuendo’s export engine needs to cut off all sound, before bouncing a new cycle marker. Otherwise, this doesn’t really work, does it? I have to make unnecessary space between markers and it’s making projects long and ugly. Sometimes that is not even possible. When a project has 500 markers or more… it is a big, big pain in the “you know where” to work around it. It is pretty much making the multiple cycle marker export useless.

Also, the export window is still cluttered and full of little bugs and missing features. Please take a good look at Reaper’s system. That works beautifully. And include the changes in Cubase as well… Thank you.

Steinberg, I love u guys, I’ve been your customer since Cubase 5, but sometimes I have a feeling that you just don’t bother doing the features the right way from the start… You just do “something” and hope we will not notice. It is insulting sometimes. Especially when we have to pay 1000€ instead of 70€ for a properly working Reaper - ugly as that software is.

I have a list of many more problems you guys would need to address and I am quite sure you know they exist… wake up.