[REQUEST]offline processing preview and modify possibilities

Hi everyone
it’s strange but the offline processing of cues is very nice, but incomplete: if i have severals process for a cue: exemple: a denoise and an eq , if i want to modify the denoise (first in the list) as it’s always necessary, i’m unable to preview it so it’s really impossible to adjust it without earing anything(in a blind way).
that’s the first problem for me: the best would be to be able to chose which position of earing (denoiser or denoiser+eq for this exemple)
and the second problem is when you copy this list of offline processing to apply it to another cue(batch process) you’re not able to modify each process(because there’s just one batch processin the offline processing list) , and that’s so bad…

if someone know a way to do (or to make it happen :smiley: )this please let me know.

:frowning: no one has the same request?