REQUEST : One clic Automation change pull up/down

Why does it require so many clics
just to lower the volume of a selected area ? :imp: :imp: :imp:

I would like a similar workflow as in Ableton Live :

I Select an Area (with Grid activated),
then I drag down …
… and boom : the Volume goes down …
Easy, fast, logical …

Why force us to change tools,
or pay attention if the nodes are gonna be on the grid, or slightly off …

Why do we have to create 4 POINTS just to lower the volume of an area ? :nerd:

(I must say Most Daws have this same problem)


In the meantime, this macro can help a lot:


I can’t understand why it’s still working like this .

I will say always the same thing , The cubase developers don’t use cubase .

hurry up steinberg , you can’t do nothing more easy to upgrade , And this would be one of the best cubase upgrade .

I’m tired that’s cubase cost 460 Euro and still very bad on easy thing’s like this .


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