Request: Online Authorization to run C6 without dongle?

hi there guys

just wanna say that I just upgraded my cubase to 6.5 and lovin it so far

one thing i always dislike about using cubase is… the dongle

i mean i can understand the whole anti piracy thing (and its working!), but sometimes REAL legit users who have multiple computers (most people i’d say will have a desktop station and a laptop) the whole dongle thing can be a bit of a hassle

i mean, firstly sometimes we forget the dongle, secondly the macbook pro only has 2 usb ports, one for audio interface most likely, and one for the dongle, and thats it, all slots gone, yes you can get a usb hub but thats another story haha

so how about letting authorized users turn on cubase without carrying a dongle by using some online authorization thing?
i just checked out reason 6 which uses a dongle as well but allows users to activate thru online connection without the dongle , i think this is a GREAT idea!

maybe something like this can be implemented in the near future? what do you guys think?

So how to prevent authorized user (with dongle) giving their on-line authorization key to his/her friend and run 2 copies of Cubase at the same time at diferent facilities?

I LOVE the idea of using dongles for my software. They are like keys for my house or my car. If you forget them, no access.

I HATE the idea of using dongles for my software. If you forget them, no access - that’s exactly the problem. Or part of it.

The cloud idea is a good one, but would not prevent unauthorized usage, which is exactly what SB is trying to prevent.



But maybe make them smaller and/or less fragile?

Like the “low profile” wireless mice adapters?

This issue has been discussed to death. All indications are that Steinberg has no intention of changing the dongle policy and i don’t blame them. Cubase has gone un-cracked for many years and that is a good thing.


I am besotted as well with my dongle.

All I’d like is some file storage (no like proppellerhead).

Haha? So what’s the problem? I’ve been running the dongle on a hub for years.

By the way - long live the dongle!

I hated dongles: until several devs went under, leaving me unable to authorize the plugins. :imp:

The ideal would be no copy protection at all, since it is always a hassle.
But since the copy protection unfortunately seems to be necessary to avoid piracy, the dongle is definitely the best way to go.
OK, I have a USB hub that looks like a christmas tree, but so what…
Inside the DAW the card slots are filled with UAD cards, also a form of dongle, though they also give more computer power.
I absolutely HATE challenge response codes and stuff like that. And I will never, and I mean never, connect a DAW to the internet.

+1 for the dongle. I’d rather find myself forgetting it than find myself relying on an internet connection that is shaky or not available. Not to mention the possible problems a live internet connection on a DAW can give anyway.

Aloha guys,

Just to chime in on this thread.

I find the dongle to be the lessor of evils.

Digital authorization can be a real pain if there are
any probs with your hard drive or logic board.

Once the prob is fixed, getting up any running again can take
hours or even days waiting for new codes.

I have gone thru this with my SampleTank and NI stuff.

But with a dongle you just re-install all software, plug in the dongle and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

(buy two or more copies of your product)