Request: Page percentage change

I don’t recall having seen this request on the forum, but I’d find it incredibly helpful to have a “percentage” function for the entire page: staff size fonts, and frames.

One of my clients is wanting 11x17 scores converted to 9x12. The staff size is easy enough, but the frames are a bit trickier, requiring maths. An option for “Reduce to x%” (in this case, something like 75%) would be much easier.

Thanks for considering.

9x12 and 11x17 don’t have the same aspect ratio, so scaling by a single percentage value isn’t going to be too helpful in those circumstances. Music frames wouldn’t generally need this kind of adjustment anyway since they should be defined in such a way that they fill all the space that isn’t occupied by text frames, so it’s really only changing the height of the text frame. It may require a bit of arithmetic but it shouldn’t be much more than changing page size, staff size, default text font size, and default text paragraph style size.