Request! (Part Edit and Audio Warp)

Hey clubbers, mods, Admins. A friend comes by my studio and he asked me a question. Can I show him how select multiple audio parts and be able to audio warp any giving part that’s selected?. Now group selecting and using the quantize menu audio warps more than one file giving the material selected on giving quantize values, but he does not want to quantize, but rather be able to warp one file while looking at the other file to see if it lines up as expected. At the moment, I told him that you would have to go by your ears to tell if it lands and feels right. As opposed to be able to see the changes. I don’t think that’s possible. Now If I’m wrong please chime in… :slight_smile:

Now on to my request: Would be incredible to see the part editor with audio warp and other tools as like the sample editor. With the option to select multiple audio clips and see them in the part editor with all of the audio warp features…Now if we have that already in 6.5.3, then I really need to read the manual. :laughing: