Request: Parts and Editor for any audio automation

I would like to formally request a feature like this in the future versions of Cubase.
I like the way you’ve updated the automation editing in Cubase 6 but I would like to extend its functionality by doing something like in the attachment I’ve made. It is supposed to be an audio automation that can be handled as a part or segment with its own name and hopefully could be moved around similar range parameters. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go even further:

a) MIDI tracks:
extend Note Expression by having any Automation Parameter available
(currently only VST3 parameters and MIDI CC-Data are available)

b) Audio Tracks
create something like Note Expression for Regions in the Audio Editor, to edit any Automation Parameter along with the underyling Audio Region

c) Automation Tracks
allow for grouping Automation events within a container type (like the box in your .png)
(extend “move automation data along with audi/midi events” to move the whole container)

d) Destination Collisions / Data Consolidation
for Automation Paramaters which are destination to two or more Automation events from the above methods, provide the same Data Consolidation functionality as it is present already with MIDI-CC Note Expression Data
Extend Data Consolidation to be Realtime instead of rendered offline, and another Consolidation method: Mix values

I like your ideas. =D
I think all of this is very much possible.

I’d love to see and “Automation Part Editor” with a set of standard drawing tools and simple presets and building blocks. Mostly because I’ve had to automate the same things in different projects and this could be faster.