REQUEST: Per-Track (Destructive) Auto-Quantize Parameter

Hi Guys. I consider Cubase 1 of the leaders and originators of bringing advanced midi sequencing to the DAW world, but there’s been 1 missing feature that really helps the workflow that many enjoy wherein a loop is setup and midi / inst track after track is recorded, layer after layer, without stopping. The feature is a midi / instrument track parameter (input /auto quantize value).

This is something that would still allow for the ‘Global Auto Quantize’ to remain, but would also allow us to DESTRUCTIVELY record midi w/ intent on a specific timing on 1 track, and proceed (without toggleing etc), to another track with or without it’s own intended auto input quantize value!!.

The only workaround now for the lack of continuity that is experienced right now is the ‘quantize plugin’, which is a great feature, but many times in fact usually in the process of loop recording over multiple tracks to build up a composition, I WANT a specific timing as I begin each layer in the first place, and to be able to record other tracks on the fly with or without their own timing value, without stopping to toggle Global auto quantize!!!. Furthermore, when I’m in the frame of mind of working in this way, which is the case 909% of the time, I rather not use up processing with instances of the midi quantize plugin time and time again as I would benefit more from a set parameter that would move my notes as needed and intended during the initial recording - so that the overhead of having the quantize plugin active is alleviated during playback thereafter!

Now, I do realize such a parameter will come w/ it’s own overhead, but logically, I would imagine it to be relatively small since time correction is intended and applied destutively upon the recording - and then played back as normal, without an instance of a midi plugin. Also, this certainly improves the workflow and creativity when applying this type of layered, continuous, looping approach to midi / instrument recording over multiple tracks when specific rhythms are needed on specific tracks. All in all, this is a feature that would bring 'auto quantize to another level, but applying it more dynamically across multiple tracks, without hindering creativity during loop recording.

Again, global quantize is nice, but when this non-stop method of loop composition is called for with specific and differing rhythms intended across multiple tracks, having to toggle the ‘Global Auto Quantize’ feature itself, and / or, switching the applied ‘Global Auto Q’ time signature layer after layer, is, well, a PAIN. For example, if I know before going into this type of loop recording, that I don’t want sloppy / off timed drums in general, and I already basic idea(s) let’s say, i.e. that I want my hi-hats at 1/8 and my snares at 1/4… I’d like to just be able to pick these values from a dropdown on each respective track and have then hit record, watching my concept come to life layer after layer, in terms of both what I hear, as DESTRUCTIVELY, in terms of what I see in the arrange!

Anyway, it’s of note that Logic DAW users have enjoyed the benefit of the per track ‘Input recording Auto quantize’ parameter since the days of ‘Emagic’ when it was on PC!, so I’m a bit shocked that this workflow hasn’t been implemented by the 8th version of Cubase! Mind you, I do appreciate many of the other midi features that have been added, but this would take the cake for many of us.


+1 I was starting a similar thread.

I suggest to also add these 2 optional functions:

-Global and per track MIDI input quantize:quantize MIDI event end (useful when writing short/long notes passages that needs absolute consistency in note lentgh end as well as note end, think (for short) fast strings runs , arpeggiator style bass/synth bass,or for long notes think MIDI patterns that have to be long exactly 1 or more Beats/Bars i.e:Long Pads,Arpeggiated sequences etc…

-per track MIDI input quantize:quantize MIDI event length (this could speed up things in some situation but it is not as a priority as the above one)

In this way users who relies a lot on quantization could have the maximum flexibility when working and others who don’t still could choose to ignore these new features.

Sonar does “MIDI input quantization” per track and does “MIDI input quantize MIDI event end” per track and so does Reason if I’m not mistaking.

Several DAWs including Logic,Sonar,Reaper,Reason,Samplitude… have at least MIDI input quantization per track if not Global and per track.What other users think about this feature? Let’s make hear our thoughts people! :slight_smile:

+1, plus one more request on Auto-Quantize. I wish Auto-Quantize would work for MIDI regions captured with Retrospective Record. I do 100% of my MIDI recordings this way, and it seems Auto-Quantize works only if recording the traditional way.