Request: Please group staves of player with multiple instruments

Hi, Dorico team!

When a percussion player holds instruments that belong to more than one group (here: pitched percussion and unpitched percussion), please group those instruments in Galley view so I can easily see which instruments bgelong to one player.

Let’s have a little quiz: Please look at this picture an tell me - withoug knowing - which instruments belong to one percussion player:

Now, who has guessed Pauken (timpani) and Holzblock (woodblock)? :wink:

The task at hand, composing percussion in a way that one player can actually play them, is more important to me than the structural correctness of putting instrument families together.

Thanks, E.

It would be a real benefit to have joint barlines for all instruments held by the same player in galley view!

The new tools for editing brackets and barlines in Engrave mode now enable you to change these groupings to your heart’s content.

Hi, Daniel.

Please forgive me, I don’t see how your answer is the answer to my point :wink:

I’m talking about one player with multiple instruments that are displayed using multiple staves in Write Mode’s Galley View (but will be displayed in only one staff with instrument changes in Engrave Mode).
How can I change the display of the player’s instruments in Galley View, which I am asking for, using the tools in Engrave Mode you are talking about?

You’re quite right, it doesn’t answer your original question, of course. We have no current plans to change barline grouping for galley view only.