[request] Possibility to adjust subcounts


Is it a idea to made possibility to adjust the number of subcounts (1/16 notes) per count ?
(I mean on the transport panel and list editor)
I use triplets in most of my projects, i like to made 6 subcounts (1 /16 triplet) per count.

Example: To made a field or dropdown menu in the project setup window, the default wiil be 1/16th notes (4 subcounts per count), but to set from 2 (1/8 notes) to 16 (1/64 notes) in following range: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16.
It will be doubled when you use 2/2 or 3/2 signatures and halved when you use 6/8 or 8/8 signatures.
It’s a idea or suggestion! (for the next update or version…)

The active Quantize setting affects the grid that you see. This may also depend upon your current zoom, and, additionally, in the Project window, as opposed to the editors, you also need to set the Grid to “Use Quantize” (as opposed to “Bar” or “Beat”)

I use the quantize settings already an i have set it to 1/16T, but the bar ruler and transport panel only show the sixteenth notes (4 subcounts per count).

Although you didn’t mention it, am I guessing that you are in fact referring to the grid in the Sample Editor (which is the only place where indeed it is fixed at 1/16)?


Did you mean the project window?

I mean the bars & beats counter on the transport panel…
Well, i have found to adjust the number of ticks per 1/16 note…
But i mean the number of 1/16 notes per count (which is 4 by default)

Ah… my apologies (I think I was on a different planet… and had problems getting back through customs :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: )
No, unfortunately the “sub-count” is indeed fixed.
I agree, this could be a useful feature request (but don’t hold yer breath! :stuck_out_tongue: … it has taken until Cubase 6 to even get the grid to show anything other than 16ths in the project window!)

Now i hope that Steinberg use this feature request in the next update…