Request: possibility to change duration/tie/dynamics/etc after note input, while in entry mode

I can’t recall what the official name for this is, but you can program a command using multiple keystrokes. Here’s my shortcut to set the grid to a dotted eighth for example:

I use Ctrl+numpad 5 then immediately hit the numpad dot. I find this 2-step sequence really helpful for other keycommands too. For example, almost all of my Filter commands are Ctrl+F and then another input so Ctrl+F S to filter slurs, Ctrl+F Q to filter chord symbols, etc.

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I didn’t know that. Very useful! Always learning… Thank you!

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I do have ctrl-Num6 etc set for grid change too. Though TBH I have never had success using 2-step key commands, so the dotted shortcuts are not set.
I didn’t mention this because I wanted to point out various ways that default Dorico works. I think it is always better to learn how a piece of software was designed to work, before trying to make it behave like something else!


I can’t recall the last time I even wanted a dotted grid duration. I set them up for sake of completeness, but I honestly never really use the dotted shortcuts. I use the 2-step Filter commands a lot though!