[Request] Preference option for GUI features


I’ve been using Nuendo for a long time and so far, I really appreciate the new updates (8.0 and 8.2).

BUT, some new GUI features are really annoying to me and I think there should be an option to disable them.

First one is about the preview in the mediabay. if you want to select part of an audio clip you now have to put the cursor in the thin line on top of the waveform whereas in previous version you could click anywhere from top to bottom. I feel this area is much to small and it’s really slow to aim precisely with your mouse. The way it worked in N7 was much better to me.

Second one is that from N8.2, you can drop a file between two track and it will create a new track. I have no use for it, and when I drag & drop drom the mediabay, half the time it creates a new track I have to delete. What a waste of time…

I do a lot of editing for cartoons so most of my job is selecting audio in the mediabay and drop them on the timeline. (mediabay is the reason i chose Nuendo over any other DAW).

Now I understand that we don’t all have the same workflow, needs… That’s why I think there should be a preference to switch those features off.

If there is one I couldn’t find it…



How about just having a little toolbar with 2-3 tools in, that you can select depending on what you need?
A range selector for making/selecting/dragging regions, and a standard pointer for just playback?
Alternatively, right click could be selecting though that would change consistency; it could just be a popup toolbox as in any other editor.

It is typical for Steinberg to tinker with Features or GUI and “optimize” some areas where nobody asked them to do so.
Overall I would suggest, when introducing new features to GUI please leave the option to turn these features off.
Don’t force the users to use it.