Request: QC, AI and EQ Control (+minor improvements)

i would love to see following features in IC Pro:

New features:

  • Quick Controls
    It would be great if you implement another tab (view buttons on the lower left side) for it.
    8 QC Faders.

  • AI Control
    A big chunky crossfader in the style of your PAN control.
    using all of the lower screen.

  • EQ Control
    That one would be great in full screen and a touchscreen optimized /modern way…

    Minor Changes / Suggestions / Problems:

  • Marker colors should be shown in IC Pro
    That would look GREAT! (And it was one of the first things i intuitively tried)

  • LR Locator snaps to GRID of the project.
    That would be really great for my workflow. Especially since you have audio pre-record,
    it doesn´t make sense to not use the grid. (my opinion)

  • LR Locators should be easier to grab.
    I have problems to change the Locators. Especially the right one when in center position.
    (Perhaps it is only my problem?!?)

  • Buttons on mixer should be squares like in the new mixer in Cubase 7
    A little bit bigger, sometimes they are to difficult to touch.

Steinberg, please add Quick Keys…

Hi, i created the EQ Control i suggested using Liine Lemur.

  • Multiball -object for Gain and Freq.
  • 4 Faders on the left lower corner for Q

Works great!

Would be a really nice addition to Steinberg IC Pro.