Request recommendation - Spectrum Analizer

I would like to get into spectrum analysis and am asking for a recommendation for a plugin. I’m not necessarily looking for a freebie, so feel free to recommend something with a price.

I would like one that comes with good documentation in addition to the efficiency of its functions.

Thank you!!

Good, and free!!

I also used Blue Cat FreqAnalyst a bit, but as you said you wanted good documentation, maybe it wouldn’t fit the bill :laughing: . Interesting approach though, once you got to grips with it. The freebie made me think that the full version (Multi - I think?) might be good but the lack of useful documentation put me off.

The two listed above are good. I use the Blue Cat plug on occasion, because you can monitor down to -120 dB (good for removing unwanted frequencies during pre-mix). My favorite analyzer, Roger Nichols’ Inspector, is also free. You can monitor peak and RMS levels as well as panning/stereo spread. Part of the reason why I like it so much is because it’s about 1/4 the size of the other 2. That way, I can load it onto the stereo out and keep the window up on the side of my screen at all times without it really getting in the way. In terms of documentation, you won’t need much. Analyzers are pretty straightforward. The Inspector does come with a decent manual, but I’ve never really had to use it.