[request] redesign the flow list panel for many flows

Dear Developers and Users,

(It could be discussed already… but I would like to remind you …)

The flow concept in Dorico is one of my favourite features, but navigating the flow is a bit tricky when a project contains too many flows.

I don’t have a good idea for this, but I would like to suggest two spontaneous ideas:

  1. a panel design for navigation with horizontal and vertical scrollbars like this:

  2. a panel design similar to the detailed view of the Finder (or Windows File Explorer).

I think the developers would have more sophisticated ideas, and I hope the design can be revised in the future!

Thanks for reading.


Flows are a “one dimensional” list: having them in multiple rows suggests some sort of relationship between e.g. flows 1, 9, and 17.

There are plenty of ways of navigating flows: I recommend adding a key shortcut to Edit > Go To Next/Previous Flow; there’s also the Jump Bar. You can also move through the document with Page Up/Down. Command Page Up/Down moves you to the start and end.

Navigating by going into Setup mode to get the Flow list is not the best way.

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Thank you for your opinion and advice.

I have already used Go To Next/Previous Flow using keyboard shortcuts.

The use of the jump bar is very inconvenient for the user who is supposed to use a non-Latin input language, because

  • there is a quirk in the keyboard input language switch,
  • On MacOS, the keyboard shortcuts in Dorico do not work when Korean is selected as the input language.
    On MacOS, I press cmd + j to invoke the jump bar, but the input language automatically changes to Korean when I want to type some text into the jump bar, for example: f3. Also, when Dorico makes the jump to Flow 3, the input language changes back to Korean.

So I should change the input language again. So I do not use the jump bar.

There is another aspect I have not mentioned, and that is that navigation is not the only problem. With a lot of flows, I easily lost the overview and I need a well visualised index.

Sorry. I disagree. By that logic the grid view in the Hub suggests some sort of relationship between projects!

I agree with @prko - a grid-style presentation of the flows would make navigation quicker.

This is one example of many where lists in Dorico can get very long and would benefit from alternative ways to navigate/organise them.


I knew there was a reason why I prefer the List View! :laughing:

There have been requests for hierarchies of Flows, too; so the whole thing could get quite complex. Moving Flows around would become like moving apps around the screen on an iPhone! :scream:

I’m sure the team will come up with more/better navigational features.

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It’s always handy to be reminded of how users experience working in projects with many flows, so thank you for sharing your feedback @prko .


On my Mac I find that when reaching the last page in full window mode page up does not work. When next to last page is shown and a small part of lat page, page down does not work. Likewise, when page 2 is shown and a small part of page 1 is shown page up does not work.

Is this something that has been reported before?